Pat Morrell Ponders Life

What do you do here?

I'm the first guy at Skookum you're likely to meet. If you're interested in technology investment advice or enterprise hardware/software hacking, you come through me.

How long have you been at Skookum?

About one and a half years.

Why do you want to live and work in Charlotte?

Sports (Panthers, Bobcats/Hornets, NASCAR) + climate + bevy of activities (Whitewater Center, Mint museum) + My wife has a great job (yeah, a lot of Skookum employees are married, with kids...) + Skookum is awesome and I want to be part of the greatest business technology innovation shop in the world.

Why work at Skookum?

Because we ARE the greatest business technology innovation shop in the world. If you'd be stoked to plant your flag in the ground and work with insanely smart people to solve ugly hairy business problems for real-world business leaders, you should be working at Skookum.

Skookum is the company behind other company's greatest innovations; we're a silent partner to Fortune 500 intrapreneurs. We're like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction. Fixers. Gunslingers. Change agents. And we're not interested in "productizing" or making a big VC exit. We're proud to be a services businesses and enjoy helping other business leaders make big decisions.

Drop some knowledge.

Harry Truman drank a shot of whiskey with breakfast every morning. He also took a 2 hour afternoon nap every day. If it's good enough for the President...

Everyone enjoy their Presidentially authorized naps.

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