Chad Moon with Skookum Logo

What would you say, you do here?

I am primarily a LAMP guy, more specifically a Drupal content management expert. I build everything from specialized intranets to heavy, user-driven sites on the platform. As you can see, I destroyed Mark in our Drupal/Wordpress battle. I also work with Zend Framework, do some mobile with Sencha touch, some as3 here and there, and of course have, been getting fired up on the new hotness which is Node.

You were one of SDW's first hires from back in 2005. What were the early days like?

Ohh the glory days. Our office was right by Charlotte Motor Speedway which meant excellent parking when it was time to "wild' out" at the track. Now whenever we get a new hire, they are always treated to an elaborate catered lunch. Guess that means we're moving on up seeing how, on my first day, I was taken to Wendy's and was only allowed to order off the super value menu.

What did you order?

Ten piece nug. Ranch.

Why Charlotte?

I grew up in nearby Mooresville and went to UNC Charlotte (go Niners), so I have been in the area for quite a while now. You get a little bit of everything here. Uptown is awesome place to work/party. And we have Lake Norman close by which can make for some epic days on the water. If you can't find something you like here then you are not looking.

Chad Moon at Skookum Golf Outing

Favorite Jason Statham Movie?

Crank. I get a similar feeling when I slam down a couple 5-hour Energy shots under a deadline.

Most Effective Pickup Line referencing at least one JavaScript micro-library?

Damn shawty, I know that milk does the body good, but how much you been drinking!?

What business or industry should be controlling their machinery from an iPad.

I believe iPad manufacturing equipment should be run from iPads. Mind = Blown.

Drop some knowledge.

Turn up your computer speakers and run this in your terminal.

Chad Moon smoking a cigar

His Comrades' Take

Bryan Delaney on Chad:
Experts can't agree on where the brogrammer movement started, but I have a pretty good idea.

Josh Oakhurst on Chad:
Funniest guy at SDW. Tall. Intelligent. A model for humanity. Too bad about that southern drawl.