Dustan Kasten

What would you say, you do here?

In the abstract, I strive every day to be as insanely awesome as everyone else who works here.

My primary station is to hold down the browser fort, proselytize responsive design principles, and convince the-whole-of-us that we can ditch jQuery far and wide.

How long at The SDW?

I’ve been in the company of the ferocious Skookumites for just under a year.

Why Charlotte?

Well, I was born and raised in the crown of America—Minnesota. My wife happens to be from Lincolnton, NC. We met on the on the other side of the world. After debating for about a year on who was to abandon their kin-folk, I picked up, came here, and haven’t looked back.

Did I mention it snows a lot in Minnesota? It snows a lot in Minnesota.

You don't sound very “Fargo-y”

That’s by design. Those kin-folk I referenced—not so much.

Dustan Kasten on Ender.js

What’s up with all the v-necks?

When my wife’s grampa died, he left behind boxes of sweet gear. I’m loads taller but half as thick, so in a weird way this turned out to be a treasure trove of tasty threads.

After awhile, the v-necks became self-perpetuating. Unfortunately, the vintage threads are now all long gone.

Um, Awesome?

There was talk for a while about busting out v-neck Friday.

And really, what’s more 21st century engineer than v-necks?

That’s exactly my point.

Name one service or website you frequently use that needs to be made responsive?

Every site ever. One thing people don’t realize can be done responsively is emails. More than 27% of emails are read on mobile device, so everyone would do well to get that jam in order.

Drop some knowledge.

Dustan's Knowledge Drop

Seriously. Everyone needs to start using something bigger than 11 pixels.

Hear, hear.

Thank you for not saying the other H-word.

His Comrades' Take On Him

Senior Engineer Jon Roes on Dustan:

One anecdote: three days, me pounding on a bunch of cross-browser, client-side bugs. I give it to Dustan, he’s done in an hour. Dustan is a monster and a beast. A beast monster.

Fellow V-Neckian (and Engineer) Jonathan Miller on Dustan:

Dustan is absolutely dialed in to web standards and accessibility, particularly in the mobile space. Anything that can be done can be refactored to be done better. And yes, he’s also dialed in to deep v’s. Not sure he owns any other shirt styles.