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Skookum employee David


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  • Publish Date June 21, 2012

David Becher

What would you say, you do here?

Well, Bob. I do a lot of front-end development, mostly JavaScript. I also dabble in Node when I have the opportunity.


Why Charlotte?

Most importantly, the weather is much better than my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada (capitol and largest city of the great province of Manitoba). As if that’s not reason enough, there’s also the beach AND mountains close by. If you can’t find something that makes you happy here, then you aren’t trying hard enough.

How long at Skookum?

I started here as a contractor/intern when I was still in school at UNC Charlotte, back when Skookum Digital Works was still in an office by the speedway next to my Grandma’s house. I joined full time when I graduated about a year later, at the beginning of 2011.

Why Skookum?

The people. Everyone here is awesome, and I usually think they’re smarter than me. Collectively, there is incredible body of knowledge that enables us to tackle just about any problem we’re faced with. In many ways, I’m spoiled, because most people who work here used to work at one of the big banks and tell horror stories about it. I, thankfully, have not had the opportunity to work in that environment and probably won’t ever be able to.

Genesis or solo Phil Collins?

You only asked this question so you could make fun of me for being young, didn’t you?

The correct answer is "Peter Gabriel."

The "Lion King" guy?

Sure, David. The "Lion King" Guy.

I thought so.

You’re one of those public transportation geeks, aren’t you?

When I was little, I told my mom my dream job was to be a bus driver. Now that SDW has shattered that dream, I mostly try to think of ways I can use my skills to make public transit easier and more accessible.

Drop some knowledge.

When I was still in school, I watched a podcast from the MIT course called "The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs". Pretty much everything in it blew my mind and introduced me to some really fundamental concepts of programming. It’s hard to pick one example, but looking at this code was the first time I really understood recursion (written in Scheme, which is basically Lisp):

David’s Knowledge Drop


My thoughts exactly.

Jim Snodgrass on David:
David picks up new technologies and techniques as needed without missing a beat. I quite like him. Very fashionable too. Especially the boat shoes.

Hunter Loftis on David:
David creates with an enviable sort of playfulness that makes his cutting-edge work seem effortless. His raunchy jokes and deadpan sarcasm belie a quiet and contemplative nature. Glad he’s one of us.

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