Last Week's Tech, Today (Nov 9th, 2015)

Mark Flowers

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  • Publish Date November 9, 2015

Last Week’s Tech, Today

In this blog series, Skookum’s Director of Development, Mark Flowers, shares a sampling of news stories that caught our attention last week. Check back every Monday for a quick rundown, in case you missed it.

Squeezing Light?

If fiber optic communication is so fast, why not build computers with the same technology internally? Because light is much more difficult to manipulate than electrons. However, researchers at Harvard may have solved this challenge by creating a material that allows the phase of light to be changed far more easily than before.

Light-powered telecommunications would allow phones and computers to process information millions of times faster. And because light conserves energy far better than electrons (which tend to waste energy by creating heat), battery lives would be far longer.

[Walk Through Middle Earth With Google]

If you’re like me, a trip to New Zealand to see Middle Earth is on your bucket list. Google is bringing us one step closer with its Street View Trekker, a wearable backpack system that lets hikers capture photos of remote locations. The latest Trekker tour includes images of the beautiful landscapes that were the basis for Tolkein’s fantasy world.

Microsoft and Red Hat Partnership

Linux and Windows together at last. It’s the love story sysadmins have only dreamed would one day come true. Microsoft and Red Hat will now support Red Hat products on Azure, enabling enterprise clients to have a single cloud solution for all of their systems. Your move AWS.