Last Week's Tech, Today (Oct 19th, 2015)


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  • Publish Date October 19, 2015

LWTT 10-19-2015

In this blog series, Skookum’s Director of Development, Mark Flowers, shares a sampling of news stories that caught our attention last week. Check back every Monday for a quick rundown, in case you missed it.

NASA Patents

NASA is now allowing U.S startups to license its patented technology with no upfront fees. This could be a huge boon for startups that don’t have the capital to license fundamental technology. The list of available patents is extensive and covers areas from Power Generation and Storage to IT and Software.

Data Infrastructure at IFTTT

IFTTT is a web app to stitch together web APIs to do interesting things. The company is fully bought in to the AWS stack and is reaping the benefits of using multiple Amazon services. I think the most interesting piece of their architecture is Kafka. It serves as a data transport bus to decouple data producers and consumers.

Netflix Button

This one’s a little older, but still interesting. Netflix created a physical button that you can press to interact with web services and home automation through web APIs. It’s pretty awesome to see IoT interactions come together, merging the physical and digital worlds. We built our own button to serve as a door bell at our Charlotte office. When it gets pressed, a message posts to Slack notifying us of the visitor. I’ll have to write a blog post about the details of that one soon, but here’s a preview of it.

door bell