Last Week’s Tech, Today (Oct 12th, 2015)


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  • Publish Date October 12, 2015

In this new blog series, Skookum’s Director of Development, Mark Flowers, shares a sampling of news stories that caught our attention last week. Check back every Monday for a quick rundown, in case you missed it.

Google’s Accelerate Mobile Pages

Google has just released a new framework to fix one of the biggest problems with the mobile web, page load speeds. There is a massive pile of evidence that indicates most people won’t wait around when a web page takes too long to load. AMP’s main feature is caching through Google and other partners to speed up those page loads and limit 3rd party resource requests.

Light Camera

This new camera utilizes 16 lenses (with 10 firing simultaneously) to create incredible, high quality images in little to no light. This is known as multi-aperture imaging. This powerful technology rivals expensive DSLR cameras and is surprisingly slim. Pair this with Apple’s acquisition of LinX Imaging (a company with similar technology) and this could be a preview of where all mobile phone cameras are heading.

Light Camera