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Let Beacons Be Your Guide - Whitepaper

Brad Schmitt

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  • Publish Date September 8, 2016

Let Beacons Be Your Guide Whitepaper

Now more than ever, marketing leaders are under pressure to engage and build deeper relationships with the customers they serve. And consumers, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile, are always on and always connected. They expect best-in-class digital products, services and experiences from the brands they interact with, or buy from.

As competition for customer acquisition and loyalty continues to build, marketers and digital leaders are turning to technologies that will help them deliver compelling and valuable new experiences for customers, in the moment: while they shop, browse, navigate etc. Additionally, marketers are benefitting from the ability to collect customer data to inform their business decisions or marketing strategies. This is being accomplished through the pairing of mobile and beacon technology (BLE).

Beacons are a relatively new way to enhance the digital experience in an indoor setting by providing highly relevant and personalized information, incentives such as sales discounts or coupons — or even navigational assistance (imagine!) in any indoor environment. Also known as proximity/location/hyperlocal marketing, companies are able to deliver personalized content via mobile apps directly to a retail customer as s/he shops, busy travelers waiting for a flight, or even help a visitor navigate a large and complex conference or hospital environment. Beacons provide an exciting variety of new possibilities for building customer affinity.

Interested in learning more about beacons? Download our whitepaper to learn:

-What exactly are beacons? How do they work?
-Which industries are best suited to use beacons?
-Are customers receptive?
-Common misconceptions about beacon technology
-Real life examples of beacons in action

Download your copy of Let Beacons Be Your Guide now.

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