Video Tech Talks

"Computer Science is philosophy with job prospects." @hunterloftis at today's Tech Talk — Skookum DigitalWorks (@Skookum) May 24, 2013

If you've ever wondered why an apparently simple feature took weeks to build or why engineers never give you a straight answer, this talk is for you.

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk our own Hunter Loftis offered up a back-stage pass for people who work with programmers but aren't programmers themselves. Take a trip into a software developer's mind and discover that it's not as crazy, or as complicated, as it seems.

Javascript explained with Wolfenstein

Instead of covering code and programming, Hunter explained the concepts behind multi-million dollar software with hands-on props, interactive environments, and a peek at the processes needed to create the original—BEST EVAR video game—Wolfenstein.

Try JavaScript Wolfenstein