...but until then, it's our job to go out there and whack them around.

Two makes it a ritual

Though Skookum Digital Works was founded in 2005, the (official) first annual golf trip didn't happen until 2010. Funny enough, it came at my expense.

See, just a little more than a year ago, I was a client. I was the digital guy at an agency in New England, and the crew at SDW had built out a bunch of executions for me over a couple years.

And I totally screwed them.

The details won't be interested to anyone outside of advertising, but on a Friday during a known, several-month timeline, I called in a nuke. I begged to have three of SDW's finest crank over the weekend. They made it so I could make my client happy—I sent them a fat check.

Though we had a great relationship, Founder & VP Bryan needed some convincing."Dude, If I do this for you, I'm actually going to shut down for a day next week to apologize to my team for ruining their weekend. Like, I'm literally going to take part of your rush money and bring everyone golfing."

Over the phone, I laughed because I knew he was serious. Also, I was fine with this arrangement.

Second Time Around

SDW makes non-office company time a priority, so we plan group outings on the reg. (*See also: paintball.)

However, sometimes getting away as a group is very hard. We are teaming with startup businesses and custom software development, so our shop is slammed. Alas, a few us had to stay behind and tend projects at headquarters (better luck next time with the short straws Corey, Hunter, Chris S., Jon, Kenny, Rebecca).

And as you can see from the video, the 2nd Annual Skookum Digital Works Golf Outing was long on smiles and short on technique. We hope to share even more of these fun moments as our studio continues to grow. (And grow, and grow, and G R O W.)

Join the team, will 'ya? Besides, how many other places can you play golf a week before Thanksgiving? (Charlotte FTW.)