We were lucky enough to have one of our very own Skookumites present a 5 minute "microtalk" at Ignite Charlotte 3.

Josh Oakhurst's talk was entitled: "So You Like Your Spacephone? Things are About to Get Weird". I think everyone's favorite part of the presentation was one specific slide--it even garnered some love on Twitter.

Listen in as Josh tells us about some hot toaster on refrigerator action and why the Earth's "neural network" is expanding like crazy with self-contained non-sentient beings connected to the intertubes and what you need to do to prepare (hint: tinfoil hats).

Cows Tweeting? Plants that kill other plants over the internet? I'll let you discover it on your own in this 5 minutes microtalk where the slides auto-advance every 15 seconds.


After that, check out this cool talk on Public Key Cryptography (how he managed to make public key cryptography funny, I'll never know... but he was successful).