A Vision for Post Mobile Computing

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  • Publish Date September 13, 2013

Einstein’s Legacy Chief Product Officer, Douglas Welton, stopped by to discuss a "post-mobile computing world" where battery life is never an issue, the theatre will tell your phone to be quiet, and every conceivable device is connected to the web.

Douglas breaks down where we are as a mobile computing public, already using multiple devices to access media at the same time. He also shares his ideas on where we are going, and describes a world where every device communicates in a unique language, therefore removing the unreliable human element.

This was a pretty fantastic and eye opening talk.

A Few Post-Mobile Items Douglas Covered:

  • Computer eras come and go; ours is not the last, so what is the newest revolution just over the rise?

  • Right now our mobile life revolves around our battery. We rinse and repeat a charge cycle every day. Why do we put up with this?

  • Post mobile computing is seamless, multi-screen computing where tasks are accomplished from start to finish on separate devices that know where you left off

  • What is data exhaust, and is there any use for all the data devices collect (other than for advertisers)?

  • In a world where we are always on, what are the consequences of turning yourself off?

  • Since form and function in technology are always changing, what will the newest form look like?

At the outset, Douglas claimed that he couldn’t predict the future, but most of the crowd agreed his take was an entertaining one.

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