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  • Publish Date March 15, 2013

Here’s the SDW Workshop from 2013 SXSW Interactive given by David Becher

David Becher

Just this week, our software development crews got back from the 2013 SXSWi festival where we had been invited to give two programming workshops.

Below is the audio and slideshare presentation for @dbecher‘s workshop on HTML5 Mobile Apps.

Forget Native: Learn to Write HTML5 Apps

David Becher Speaking at SXSW

Workshop Description:
HTML5 Logo
You want to write a bunch of mobile applications, but you dread learning the Objective-C of iOS, the flavors of "bastardized Java" for Android and BlackBerry, or the C#/Visual Basic of Windows Phone.

Never fear—armed with your existing knowledge of HTML and CSS—you too can write some killer, device agnostic, mobile applications and even learn the required steps for taking part in each device’s hardware functionality.

Native development can be great for games and those needing hardcore CPU or graphics processing power. But most of the non-gaming applications you use everyday can be (or already are) written in HTML5 offering you one code-base to serve a diverse hardware market.

In addition to training and creating their first, basic HTML5 mobile application, attendees will also learn about marketing and delivery options for non-native applications.

This workshop is geared For anyone confident in their existing HTML and CSS skills.

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