Events on our Radar at Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week is upon us once again. From Monday, September 28th through Friday October 2nd, hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs and technophiles will converge in Denver to attend workshops, seminars, panels and social events. With over two hundred options to choose from, in six tracks of programming (Founder, Developer, Growth, Product, Designer and Maker), planning out your weekly agenda is no easy feat.

We’ve asked some of the Skookum attendees to share an event from their schedules that they are most looking forward to:

1. PechaKucha Denver Vol. 27 - Brewing A Better Denver

Ryan McNeal, Project Manager, Denver

I’ve heard great things about the PechaKucha presentation format where presenters talk alongside 20 images that automatically advance every 20 seconds. In a week filled with great, but sometimes long talks, “PechaKucha - Brewing A Better Denver” should be an exciting way to mix things up.

2. Attract & Retain- Hiring Strategies For Your Start-Up 3.0

Jeremy Coggin, Director of Product and Project, Charlotte

Attracting and retaining talent is a obstacle for any business in our industry. As someone leading teams, I face the challenge first-hand and recognize the impact of this threat. I am most excited to join the panel discussion on hiring strategies for the competitive landscape with Skookum’s very own Josh Oakhurst.

3. Quantitative Product Decisions

Danielle Long, Sr Product Strategist, Denver

Colorado Product is a great resource for the product managers of Denver. This year, they are sponsoring a talk about Quantitative Product Decisions featuring the Chief Product Officer from Shopify, Gannon Hall. I’m an eComm junkie, so I’m looking forward to hearing how his team uses data to validate product decisions.

4. The Language of The Internet of Things

Mark Flowers, Director of Development, Charlotte

MachineShop is leading a discussion on interoperability and the Internet of Things. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, companies are no longer waiting for governing bodies like the W3C to set standards for communication. How long will this continue? Will companies begin to form agreements in order to advance standards in cooperation?

5. Transforming your Data into a Digital Marketing Treasure

Jeremy Conkin, Sr Software Engineer, Denver

One talk that really excites me is “Transforming Your Data Into a Digital Marketing Treasure” on Wednesday. We hear a lot about the importance of gathering quantitative and qualitative data, A-B testing, and making informed decisions. The missing piece for me is how to manage data effectively to answer (and even ask) the right questions.

6. Getting Connected: IoT And Wearables On Major Cellular Networks

Andrew Gertig, Chief People Officer, Charlotte

Mesh networks, local Wi-Fi networks, bluetooth, zigbee, and other protocols drive much of the “local IoT”, but when it comes to sending your connected device out into the world into unknown places, the gorilla is the cellular networks. As more and more intentionally dispersed devices seek to join the IoT, the role of the wireless carriers becomes more and more evident. Companies that understand how to navigate the murky cellular network waters will undoubtedly have the advantage. This talk should be a great opportunity to learn from those that have already started to fight these battles.

7. Intro to JavaScript for Game Development

Tracy Caruso, Jr Software Engineer, Denver

Seeing what can be done with a language is one of the best ways to stay motivated and inspired. The JavaScript for Game Development workshop coming up at Denver Startup Week seems like a perfect opportunity to get hands on experience building JavaScript games, while getting to see the spectrum of possibilities JavaScript can provide.