This is Eric LaForce:
Eric LaForce Eric's a lead developer at SDW, one of our resident .NET gurus, and now he's off to share his knowledge with the world.

SDW at Monkeyspace in Chicago July 22-25

The folks at Monkeyspace the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference, have invited Eric to Chicago to speak about our open source .NET project called Hero.

Why Monkeyspace?

Here's what Eric says:

"Essentially, Monkeyspace is conference that highlights open source development for .NET programmers. Traditionally Microsoft has been closed source, but within in the last 5-6 years they’ve started changing their tune.

They're getting more interested in open standard and open source development, and a few key players from Microsoft are basically running the show at Monkeyspace. I love that the .NET community is starting to lean that way more and build more things in that vein, similar to what the Ruby community's been doing for the last ten years.

There won’t see a ton of enterprise .Net developers, but you'll see a lot of innovative people who have experience in other platforms and want to see what's possible with .NET."

Overall, Monkeyspace is about finding open-source communities and projects that help spark innovation. My development philosophy is 'Don't write code that’s already been written.' At the enterprise level, everybody tends to write the same code -- authorization modules, search capabilities -- I like to search for code that’s been written, and proven by the community, and build on that."

Check out for more info on Eric's upcoming talk. He's also on The Twitter if you want to drop him a line.