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Welcome to Colorado

Chuck Preslar

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  • Publish Date August 27, 2014

It was time to grow.

Vast expansion of our powers (talent) have seen record numbers of clients (F2000) come to our doorstep asking the same thing: “Help us make sense of 30-40 years worth of technology debt so we can finally start the business innovation our customers and employees desire.”

Home base here in Charlotte is known as the Space Volcano. In keeping with our mission to expand further into the universe, our first moonbase opens in September. Talented technology investment consultants, engineers, developers, designers, and product people of Denver, Colorado: we have come to make some noise.

Join us.

Colorado Mountain View

To a person, and collectively, we are constantly tasked with devising solutions to difficult problems. These problems are raw. These problems are ugly. Some are embarrassing.

The answers to these problems represent discomfort for their bearers. We chose to do big, hairy work because for too long, mediocrity has been accepted in the enterprise. Now, a new generation of business leaders is no longer content to sweep institutional inefficiencies under the rug. As past leaders have seen technology as a burden, new business innovators aspire to execute on grand visions.

This is why we say, “Technology is no longer the barrier.”

Technical creativity allows Skookum to navigate around unforeseen roadblocks, conquering mountains that would bring others to their knees. Cleverness is part of our DNA — long ago we made a name for ourselves mixing open source with the enterprise. And nothing if not clever (“engineer” stems from the latin word for "clever"), our engineers and development teams specialize in breathing life into past technology investments in order to get on with more modern concerns.

In our work, every business and business solution, is special.

That is to say, we’re addicted to solving problems. As such, a strong analytical aptitude is also mandatory. But so is confidence.

And with great joy, confidence, and due diligence, we selected Denver to be the next great phase of our growing, problem-solving-powerhouse. The mixture of lifestyle, installed talent base and industry (energy, financial services, manufacturing/agriculture) prove Denver to be a fantastic compliment to our Charlotte, North Carolina birthplace and headquarters.

Growing our own business — while also growing your’s — requires the ability to visualize and articulate complex problems. Both require comfort with ambiguity. With unknowns.

At Skookum, we have tasked ourselves to find a solution to a difficult problem, one with no obvious solution or direction, one problem all great organizations seek to answer:

How do we grow as company into something greater than we are today?

Double Rainbow over Coors Field

As in most cases, we see business expansion as an engineering challenge. A true creative endeavor, we seek to change the nature of technology service businesses. We want to redefine value. We want your technology dollars to only move the needle.

Calling on all the attributes that make up the soul of an engineer–including the ability to make sense of chaos–the next evolution of Skookum begins in Denver.

With a collection of some of the greatest creative and analytical thinkers in tow, we are confident in our ability to communicate and execute on the newest business technology way: efficiency without excuses.

My name is Chuck Preslar, and I’m a Senior Engineer at the Skookum. Nice to meet you, Denver.

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