In house engineers are our friends. Except for nacent startups, there's hardly an execution that lives in a vacuum with only SDW Cast and Crew behind the wheels. Collaboration with client devs often happens with integrations, data dumps, new deployments, and even training.

There's a cool project floating through the shop right now for a really successful business in NYC. Their team is small, and the customers they've been able to attract are impressive. Still, sustained growth means an overhaul. Scaling has become difficult. Legacy code unwieldy.

Luckily, we know a thing or seven about being discreet. There's a hotel right across the street from SDW HQ. We have various disguises to cloak the 200' walk. And our windows, have blinds. After all, Skookum Digital Works was started by two programmers with security level three (Top Secret) clearances from the DoD.

So, "Developer X" came to visit. We'll be excited a year from now (yes, their competition is crazy fierce) when we can reveal some of the state secrets.