weinre. A rather odd accronym indeed. It could be pronounced why • ner • ree.
Or wee • ner (which my training of the English language biases me towards).

weinre. Web Inspector Remote. This is what happens when developers make and market a product.


Weinre is a tool for remotely debugging your web pages. Let’s say you’re building a responsive web site or a mobile web app. iOS’s Debug Console certainly can’t be the most helpful option for peeking behind the curtain. This is where weinre comes in.

Recently being brought into the Phonegap fold (and therefore Apache and the Apache Incubator), weinre is undergoing active development. You can learn about weinre at
phonegap.github.com/weinre/Home.html or callback.github.com/callback-weiner (callback is the Apache Incubator github account).

Watch a demo
on Youtube

Here, you’ll learn that if you’re on OSX there is an app to get you up and running fast. You’ll learn that it’s a javascript-only implementation of the Webkit Inspector. You’ll learn that there are three parts (each with the word “Debug” in it’s name). But what you won’t learn is how to open up your localhost development server to outside devices. For that you came here.

To begin using weinre to remotely debug your projects, simply follow this six step program.

  1. Download the mac package from https://github.com/callback/callback-weinre/archives/master

  2. Create the directory and file


    with the following content:

    boundHost:  -all-
  3. Grab this bookmarklet [Weinrize it!](javascript: (function(d,t,a){ var g=d.createElement(t),s=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; g.src=a.protocol+)

  4. Launch weinre

  5. Run local server and weinre on the same machine while opening the website on your remote device.

  6. Bask in the glory of Webkit Inspector and iOS Development.

Disclaimer: Opening up your computer with all boundHosts has security implications.

Happy debugging.