Don’t bury the lede,” they say. I agree. Watch this:


(I’ll pause for a moment to allow your blown mind to reassemble…)

Got your wits about you? Good.

Still unclear on this Arrow & Skookum partnership? I’ve got you covered.

First, some context...

Arrow Electronics. Fortune #131. The largest company in Colorado. The go-to provider of products and services to industrial/commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Arrow’s 17,000+ employees work with 100,000+ OEMs, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers across 460 locations in 56 countries to help create everything from smart appliances to advanced farm equipment to robots of the future. Arrow is THE company to call for any kind of electronic components/infrastructure.

Skookum. Fortune non-existent. The nimblest company in North Carolina. The go-to provider of custom software, mobile, and Internet-of-Things technology innovations. Our 70+ business technologists work with growth-stage business leaders and enterprise intrapreneurs around the world solve complex, cross-functional, and pan-technological business problems with powerful, transformational software. Skookum is THE company to call for any kind of runs-on-a-screen or talks-to-the-cloud application.


Arrow’s people are experts in hardware components. Skookum’s people are experts in technology mashups. We’re combining our expertise to create a fast-moving, low-risk, low-cost, high-reward “Internet of Things” prototype offering.

We call it “Innovation LaunchPad.” And it’s already making waves:

The concept is simple. In 5 days, Skookum’s software product & design experts team up with Arrow’s hardware & engineering experts to help a client go from “ambitious IoT idea” to “sanity-checked IoT prototype.” It’s equal parts UI/UX design, hardware hacking, technology assessment, user analysis, business case development, and software specs/protocol definition… all in one blitz of a work-week. The outcome: undefined. And that’s a good thing. We’re tackling the unknown, demystifying the nebulous, creating on blank canvases, integrating the previously un-integratable. LaunchPad Friday could reveal a clickable application design, a functioning new IoT business toy or maybe a business plan. Our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver concrete and actionable intel and assets that will help you make informed decisions about spending capital on further IoT investments.


  • Got a crazy idea on the whiteboard and need to prove whether it’s even possible? You need Innovation Launchpad.
  • Is your CEO hollering: “Cisco calls IoT a $14 TRILLION market… what’s OUR plan?” You need Innovation Launchpad.
  • Built a few IoT prototypes, but need advice on the at-scale software needs and low-cost hardware options? You need Innovation Launchpad.
  • Does your company want to get into IoT, but you just don’t have the hardware/software experts in-house? You need Innovation Launchpad.
  • Hoping to build an innovation business case, and need something mind-blowing to show your boss or the board? You need Innovation Launchpad.
  • Want to hear your CEO give you a shout-out on that next earnings call? You need Innovation Launchpad.

Arrow and Skookum help clients leverage IoT concepts to drive earnings, efficiency, and quality-of-life improvements.

This is practical, business-centric, ready-for-the-real-world, IoT innovation.

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