The Skookum Christmas beer is almost done!

It finished fermenting over the past few days so I put it in the keg today. All that's left is to chill is and then force-carbonate it!

I wound up using ale yeast instead of lager yeast, so this beer isn't a true-to-style Doppelbock. Instead, I'm calling it "Skookum Christmas-Bock." I guess the best name for it would actually be a German Altbier.

I hope everyone at the Christmas party will enjoy this very dark, very high ABV (~8.3%) beer I've made!

Transferring the beer from the fermentation vessel into the 5 gallon soda keg:


It's sitting in my kegarator getting cold next to my current beer, a Coffee Stout:


The Skookum Christmas beer is almost done!