CED Names Skookum North Carolina Technology Company to Watch

Josh Oakhurst

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  • Publish Date August 16, 2011

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Break out the dancing shoes — Skookum has recently taken home a flattering win issued by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development having just been named one of 25 "North Carolina Companies to Watch."

This is exciting news for us being recognized among the numerous high-tech companies residing in the state showing impressive growth, high-caliber leadership, and innovative products.

CED Names Winners of 2011 North Carolina Companies To Watch

If anything, this award serves as a good excuse to show off Skookum’s snazziest dressers and take a victory lap across the state on our way to the Durham gala in September. Bonus points: the ceremony is being hosted by this guy: a one dashing and mustachio’d TV anchor Gerald Owens. Sweet!

2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for the programming outlet founded just six years ago by former DoD programmers (and college roommates) James Hartsell and Bryan Delaney. These two have put together an impressive roster of creative developers tackling hairy projects that only a few companies across the country are doing.

In addition to our work with node.js and other, inventive mobile applications, in just a few months we’re set to unveil a fantastic project for a start-up partner that could possibly change the game of golf (among other cool projects we’ve worked on this year).

Like many are starting to recognize, node and HTML5 are two technologies that are re-setting the bar for quality mobile application development. We’re happy to be one of the forerunners in that mobile research and development space and are duly happy to be recognized for our work.

Thanks to all our trusting and progressive clients for joining the growing, happy family at Skookum and to the CED for bestowing us this honor.

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