Breaking Development Nashville ended mere hours ago. Gene Crawford and the team at Unmatched Style organized a great event in BDConf.

It is currently 3:37 am as I write this. My body typically falls asleep between 11:15 and 11:30 pm whether I was intending to or not. It has been a very inspiring few days.

A number of goals of mine have been rekindled and ideas are flying through my head like mad. There were both moments of “OMGAH I WANT OUR TEAM TO START DOING THAT” to “Yes! We’re ahead of the curve!

My notes are quite sparse so I will instead give you this non-representative sample of arbitrary thought that I have personally taken away from BDConf.

We have lots to learn (for mobile); and lots to unlearn (from the desktop).
We have lots to learn (for mobile); and lots to unlearn (from the desktop).
We have lots to learn (for mobile); and lots to unlearn (from the desktop).

There is a book called, “Gamify” and apparently it’s really good and we should all read it. The reason gamification fails in the majority of cases is because it doesn’t add value. I believe this concept of adding value can be expanded to being considered a primary contributing factor in why so many things succeed or fail; but that is a tangent we shall leave alone.

Building consumer-quality applications in a “business technology” environment is very different. More people should be speaking and writing about this.

I want to know more about app cache’s fallback responses. A couple specific cases:

  1. What does the result object for a failed request due to no network look like as opposed to a 404 or 500 returned by a server?

  2. Does the app cache give us the ability to set FALLBACK’s based on mime-type?

Jonathan Stark was answering questions and in multiple cases he described what they did on the Entertainment Weekly Redesign and how he would do things differently in the future. In describing his “ideal client demo”, he described our approach exactly!

Lastly, I am going to begin a crusade to get our team doing the 5 Day Sprint that Daniel Burka of Google Ventures schooled us on. The concept of “Ship early, ship often” is really a delivery mechanism for the true intention which is “Learn early, learn often.” The 5 Day Sprint capitalizes on learning earlier (and learning oftenier?).

Although BD Conf Nashville 2014 is already behind us, you shall not fret. You have one more chance this year to break development. BDConf is returning on November 3rd in Orlando, FL. Buy your tickets now. You can thank me later.