Blend Conf 2013 Logo

Blend Conf could very well become the premier tech event on the East Coast. In addition to bringing out some local and national heavy hitters for programming, Blend Conf lined up big name sponsors like LendingTree, Adobe, Github, and Treehouse to throw down a little money and muscle. They netted a sold out, international crowd and featured a fantastic 50/50 gender split among the presenters.

Also unique to Blend Conf: electronic devices were forbode in the lectures. Take a break from the screen, people.

The Pen is Mightier

Skookum at Blend Conf 2013

This moratorium on any and all devices in the seminars made people remember their fingers weren't just for typing. The organizers passed out things called "notebooks," and attendees were expected to use a device known as a "pen." Going into the conference, people were scared about being device deficient, but in the end, everyone seemed happy to actually hear a talk for a change.

Thanks for the New Toy, Google.

Workshop Presentation I "heart" AngularJS

Skookum Digital Works had two speakers at Blend Conf. Our very own Tessa Harmon gave a rousing talk about AngularJS. It’s a Google developed framework that allows information in web apps to update without a page refresh.

Communication Breakdown… Its Always the Same.

Rich at Blend Conf 2013

Also presenting at Blend Conf, Skookum's Rich Robinson spoke about common communication breakdowns between designers and developers and how to fix them.

In case you missed it, both Rich and Tessa will be speaking about "Designers and Developers in Harmony" at our next Friday Tech Talk.