For months now, we've been working to pretty up the Space Volcano for the viewing public. Hey, we gotta impress. Barring a few tweaks here and there, we can finally let everyone see just how awesome the inner sanctum actually is.

The Skookum Digital Works Headquarters in Uptown Charlotte, NC

This is where our hardware hackers, software developers, interface designers, and technology investment consultants make magic.

You can see we went with a "digital-organic" vibe. We are people that play in pixels, but all our ones and zeros have to manifest in real-world value.

Skookum HQ Elevator Lobby

Skookum HQ Front Desk and Lobby

Skookum HQ "War Room"

Aaron Draplin North Carolina Art for Skookum

Skookum HQ "Village Area"

Mel Shields art at Skookum HQ

Where Skookumites eats lunch

Skookum Kitchen area Take 2

Skookum Kitchen Area Take 3

Skookum Tech Talk Area

Main Skookum Conference Room at HQ "War Room"

Come and see the Skookum Digital Works world headquarters on one of our Thursday Space Volcano Tours. Bring a friend.