Skookum is a Top Job Creator In North Carolina

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  • Publish Date November 22, 2013

The Inc. Hire Power Awards for 2013 recently posted its list of the best job creators across a range of categories. Companies are ranked by top job creation overall, by industry, state, or size. Skookum made the list as the number 5 job creator in the state of North Carolina out of all companies with under $50 million in revenue in any industry.

Business is booming at Skookum as the company continues, year over year, to define what it is to be a technology solutions company. Recognition on a national scale just means that we are doing something right, as we look to bring the absolute smartest people on the planet to bear on every impossible problem.

The companies included in this year’s Hire Power Awards have created more the 51,000 new jobs over the course of the 18-month study period. They are the top companies in every imaginable industry, and represent the best and brightest possibility for the U.S. hiring future.

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