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Sometimes the best user interface is no interface at all.

For decades, we’ve all interacted with technology through a screen. But now, that’s changing. Voice technology is quickly becoming a consumer favorite — and it requires no interface. With the rise of voice-controlled apps like Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana people are using their voice to complete tasks rather than their hands.

However, the lack of physical user interface doesn’t mean design skills and thoughtful planning are not required. Common challenges (such as misinterpreted requests and user confusion) are best avoided by working with a forward-thinking strategic partner like Skookum who can help you plan, design, and develop a successful solution.

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Voice UIs allow us to remain fully human in our interactions. They allow us to remain more connected to the other humans in the room. And these VUIs are life-changing for those who can’t easily adapt themselves for traditional computer use.

— Cheryl Platz, Founder, Ideaplatz

Skookum can help

With Skookum’s award-winning team of digital strategists, designers, and developers, we can analyze what technology is right for your firm and create a solution that delivers impressive results. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business innovate and compete in the digital era.

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