Vulcand: Live Long and Proxy

Skookum Principal Software Engineer, Glenn Goodrich looks at the API Gateway Pattern and its place in the newly emergent world of Microservices, including an example using Vulcand Proxy.

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Why Learning Rails is Still a Great Choice in 2016

Skookum's Principal Software Engineer, Glenn Goodrich provides an overview and insights (and a [book](!) on why Rails (which has been arou

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How to Plan a Field Trip to Your Office

In an effort to evangelize learning about programming and the tech industry, Glenn Goodrich planned a field trip for one of his kid’s classes. In this post, he walks you through the planning, the exec

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Hour of Code 2015

Skookum senior devs, Glenn Goodrich and Blake Hollingsworth, along with QA tester, Chris Howie, recap their experiences with this year's Hour of Code.

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What I Learned at a Startup

I've spent the last three years in a startup environment. There are many preconceptions around “living the startup life,” some true, some fiction. I'll focus in on some of my biggest preconceptions an

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