High Point Market Debuts Mobile Wayfinding App to Help Guide 75,000 Attendees

Mobile App Empowers Visitors to Easily Navigate The World’s Largest Home Furnishings Trade Show

High Point Market is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. The Market has been in operation for more than a century. Over this time High Point Market has grown significantly and is now comprised of some 180 separate buildings, which are spread out over 13 square blocks totaling more than 11.5 million square feet of floor space. Serious retail home furnishing buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because “if you can’t find it in High Point -- it probably doesn’t exist.”


Every six months, approximately 75,000 visitors from more than 100 countries arrive at High Point Market. Buyers typically have a limited amount of time to conduct business. Navigating the enormous multi-tenant buildings can be an overwhelming and time-consuming effort. Plus, visitors tend to have difficulty locating preferred exhibitors who are spread out in different buildings over 13 square blocks. Some buildings contain more than 400 exhibitors over multiple floors. These buildings have been modified and expanded over the 100 year history of the market, creating a navigational challenge for attendees. Paper maps are placed throughout the trade show, however, some exhibitors change their location last minute, rendering the paper maps inaccurate.


The High Point Market Authority places tremendous value on ensuring their customers have a positive and productive visit to Market. A poor visitor experience can reduce the likelihood of a return visit. The team at the High Point Market Authority saw an opportunity to use technology to dramatically improve the visitor experience while reducing the cost and brief shelf-life of printed trade show materials. They also saw an opportunity to better meet the needs of their changing demographic of younger interior design professionals by providing information through a mobile app (MyMarket app).

The High Point Market Authority, in collaboration with Skookum and (indoor positioning experts), transformed the visitor experience with an intuitive mobile app and wayfinding solution. Similar to “GPS”, the MyMarket app helps visitors easily navigate the “city of furniture” and the approximately 2,000 exhibitors spread out throughout the trade show’s many buildings. The app exploits the power of iBeacon (indoor proximity) technology to provide indoor guidance within the International Home Furnishings Center, Market's largest property. The wayfinding feature is simple to use, designed with the visitor in mind and ultimately, it enables customers to make the most of their visit.

What an amazing use of innovative technology. The MyMarket App helped me find just what I was looking for at High Point Market and made getting around a breeze.” Saudah Saleem, Designer, Saudah Saleem Interiors

Download the MyMarket App


  • A dramatically improved user experience: Buyers can more effectively plan their visit, schedule events, search preferred exhibitors, and navigate to exhibitors all from the convenience of their mobile phone, saving time and effort.

  • A simplified and intuitive way to navigate the market from building to building as well as indoors.

  • Increased value for exhibitors because buyers can now more easily find and visit them.

  • A mobile solution that is directly in line with visitor expectations and demographics to foster loyalty and return visits.

  • Reduced reliance on costly printed material.

Read the MyMarket app press release

Technology & Services

  • Skookum’s accelerated proof of concept and development methodology
  • positioning and navigation technology
  • iBeacon technology
  • iOS platform