IoT innovation brings new value to an old product - the car door handle.

ADAC Automotive is a global full-service tier one automotive supplier who has been designing and developing automotive products for more than 35 years. The company specialize in the production of exterior and interior door handles, exterior trim, exterior mirrors and electronics in the global automotive market.

ADAC is a company committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. They provide value to their customers, the car manufacturers (OEM’s), who depend on organizations like ADAC to not only develop parts -- but to also provide new ideas and solutions that offer value to end-customers, those who ultimately buy the vehicle.


ADAC looks for innovative technology concepts that not only improve the customer experience, but also reduce cost and weight, the latter of which, helps with fuel efficiency.

For ADAC, the door handle represents an important part of the vehicle experience, because car entry is essentially the first interaction a customer has with a vehicle. The company is proactively putting technologies in place that make it easier for drivers to enter the car and operate their vehicle. Technology innovation is also important in gaining competitive product and first mover advantage for consideration in future vehicles.

The more proactive we can become in putting technologies in place that make it easier for drivers to get in and operate the car – that’s the technology that we feel our customers would be interested in.” Rob Bingle, Executive Director of Innovation, ADAC

ADAC’s team was looking to develop a new concept to enable car owners to remotely access their vehicles in a hands-free and keyless manner through technology. They recognized that they did not have the knowledge, people or specialized technology skillset in-house. And, knowing that the pace of change in technology is so fast, attempting to build that capability and expertise internally could mean missing current market opportunities or detracting from ADAC's core business.


ADAC turned to Skookum’s team of digital design, development and IoT experts to address the challenge. In collaboration with ADAC, the team employed design strategy and a rapid innovation process to create a prototype that ADAC could take to their OEM customers. The solution provided a seamless and keyless way to access a car using Bluetooth proximity technology to automatically unlock or lock a car door based on the owner’s distance to the vehicle. The technology could be used with a biometric wearable bracelet, mobile phone, or even an Apple Watch, making vehicle entry quick and effortless.


Skookum’s team brought an innovative concept to life, in a short period of time (8 weeks) with a proof of concept solution, which ADAC was able to share with their OEM customers.

The solution was also showcased at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt Germany.