SDW is a partner for the following services:

  • Startup business strategy
  • UI / IA / UX
  • Programming and integrations
  • Technology / R&D
  • Design and Development
  • Startup product marketing and packaging

We are your
Technical, creative & strategic partner

Please fix our broken, outdated software.

Technologically behind, cumbersome, missing features, frustrated employees. We understand this story. We’ll take care of you.

I want not just an app, but a mobile app that creates revenue.

Now you’re talking. Advertising and Marketing can make money, too. We’ll show you how.

I’m an entrepreneur with a digital idea but no digital team.

Covered. Strategy through prototypes, betas through market launch.

Our company struggles to solve this internally.

Lacking bandwidth? Persistent barriers? We will unify your group with a creative solution and a successful handoff.

What happens now?

You call us. 704.930.7444

How we think

We’re uniquely poised to improve your business because more than anything, we know how to finish the job.

All developers like the first 80%. We actually like the last 20% too.

Our proprietary philosophy is not about method (though we have that too) – it’s a state of mind. We want to launch your product. We want to hand over our hard work and see it live. We want your business to generate its first revenues. We want your boss to give you a promotion.

None of that can happen if your project isn’t finished.

Everyone at Skookum cranks. “I’s dotted, t’s crossed”. Programming isn’t the fun part – we want to point at what we made for you and brag about it. We want your employees and customers using things we’ve made.

We give you strategy, we give you planning, we give you brains. Most importantly, we put our work in a box and wrap a bow around it. Fully realized dreams are often hard to come by in the digital space – but for you, that pain is over.

How we work

Our method is exciting and straightforward. We thrive with quick turn-arounds.

  1. Get in.


  2. Take a look at the problem.

    We strategize around your business case.

  3. Give you a solution that stretches your dollar.

    We’re technology agnostic. You’ll get the best cutting edge solution possible.

  4. Iterate.

    Focused improvements.

We’re a partner to help you with your strategy, creative development, and technical implementation. We work quick, we don’t get lost in documentation, and we help you get out the door, thriving.