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We Ship Node

The Real-time Web

Node.js is an interactive technology used to power websites, web applications, and mobile applications that fundamentally changes the way we look at the infrastructure of the Internet.

At Node’s core, it takes JavaScript—the common element for engaging, client-side, browser based functionality, and allows it to be run the server-side. Node server architecture opens up many new possibilites such as the real-time web, reduced page load times (or the elimination of page loads in general), and collaboration among many parties inside games or documents.

Skookum Digital Works is a Foremost Node.js Development Shop

Though Node.js is a relatively new open source technology, large brands and big businesses have fully embraced its adoption. Skookum Digital Works is chock full of Node.js developers, and we already have several, large, full-scale deployments to our credit.

Among other projects in the works, the following extensively harness Node.js and the real-time web:

Clickdummy. Built with node.js

ClickDummy lets non-technical entrepreneurs, designers, and advertising people create interactive mockups and get feedback fast. Using an extremely advanced drag-and-drop user interface, ClickDummy takes interactive software, websites, mobile apps—or even napkin sketches, and allows the user to connect between pages and screens.

ClickDummy runs exclusively on Node.js not only to power the fantastic UI but also to allow real-time collaboration among multiple users who’d like to comment and leave notes around the uploaded project.

GTG Gold. Built with node.js

GTG Golf is the World’s only golf scoring app that shows scores for everyone. Many apps will keep your score just fine, but GTG will actually populate the scorecard of your entire foursome—or tournament—in real-time, to everyone’s smart phone.

Getting multiple devices to talk to each other is challenge enough, but Skookum Digital Works harnessed Node.js’s real-time capabilities along with HTML5 to create a cross-platform mobile app that even stores data when players leave and re-enter cellphone range (common among most US golf courses).

Quite simply, Node.js was built for GTG Golf, and in fact, the entrepreneurs behind the app had heard “NO” numerous times before landing on our doorstep. We’re very proud of the technology behind GTG Golf, and there’s a reason many have called it the, “..most advanced deployment & best use-case for Node.js that we have seen.”

Who Else Uses Node.js?

Yahoo, Google, Walmart, Mozilla, and LinkedIn all use Node.js For more examples, see this list of products, companies and services using Node.

“We believe that Node.js is a programming mega-event on the scale of Java or Ruby on Rails. [It is] not merely a new way of expressing existing ideas, but rather a new way of thinking about how software systems should be built.”

Joyent engineering VP Bryan Cantrill

“We wanted to maintain the same code base on the client side and the server side. Node.js was the way to go. We invested over 12 months in this.”

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz is Yahoo’s platform VP

“Mozilla is using Node. It’s a big deal when you’re going to expose a service to a browser that has half a billion installs. We concretely decided to do Node for two reasons: One was the memory footprint…[and]…it was advantageous to be able to use the same language on the server side as well as the client side.”

Mark Mayo is a principal engineer at Mozilla

“On the server side, our entire mobile software stack is completely built in Node. We use a ton of technologies at LinkedIn, but for the mobile server piece, it’s entirely Node-based. Node showed us huge performance gains compared to what we were using before, which was Ruby on Rails.”

LinkedIn’s mobile development lead Kiran Prasad

A Quck Node.js Demo from SDW Director of Engineering @hunterloftis

Here is SDW’s Director of Engineering, Hunter Loftis giving a short demonstration of Node’s capabilities in August of 2010. Watch for the example use-case at around four-minutes-in to help get your wheels turning on how Node.js could benefit your business or application needs.

Introduction to Node.js with Creator Ryan Dahl

If you’d really like to get in-depth and nerdy (looking at you, business IT teams), listen to Joyent employee and Node.js creator Ryan Dahl espouse about this revolutionary, open-source project.

Node is the Most Popular Repository on Github

Because Node.js is transforming the language and use of the Internet, it has quickly become the most popular repository on GitHub. Developers are flocking to the platform in droves, and for good reason.

Ready to Get Started with Skookum Digital Works?

Give us a shout at 704-930-7444 or start@skookum.com to unleash our Node.js expertise on your next project.