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Hunter Loftis

Hunter Loftis software engineer

Hunter Loftis is the Technology Director at Skookum Digital Works where he leads teams of talented engineers to create custom software for a variety of clients.

Speaker Bio

Unique technology challenges require a creative engineering approach. Hunter Lofits, Director of Technology at Skookum Digital Works, and his crews train early in emerging technologies to provide experienced leadership when new tech is adopted. Today, SDW specializes in HTML5, responsive design, heavy JavaScript, node.js and other dynamic platforms.

Hunter contributes to several open-source JS projects including zepto.js, mongoose, and knockout.namespaces. Hunter is a year-round motorcyclist and traveler who has lived, worked, and studied in Australia, Germany, and sunny North Carolina.

Prior to SDW, Hunter was in charge of building disruptive, online banking solutions at Ally Bank. Additionally, his graduate research on Information Security was sponsored by the National Security Administration (NSA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Hunter attended both UNC Charlotte and Mannheim Universität.

Featured Video

They asked if Skookum Digital Works Technology Director Hunter Loftis would give a fireside chat on emerging technology trends. Alas, a fireplace was not available, so a breakfast panel for the NCTA (North Carolina Technology Association) was used instead.

Topics Covered:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Moving Away from Desktop Installations
  • Mobile Cross-Compatibility (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Automation for All/Going Paperless
  • “Code is a Liability”
  • Software Usability Studies
  • Software Proficiency through Play
  • Engineering Talent
  • Academic Training/University Failure
  • Growing Charlotte as a Technology Hub

Recent Talks

Hunter is an expert at speaking both the language of intense, in-depth programming as well as bringing cutting edge concepts to a general audience. He is incredibly versatile and regularly flips between technical talks for developers and application-of-technology talks for business people.

Turning off the LAMP

When Skookum Digital Works investigated the massive project of re-architecting a large dating site, a common theme arose: their client wanted to experiment, but its LAMP stack was getting in the way. Too big, too heavy, too rigid. Manipulating one variable caused cascading effects, and broke something else. SDW proposed an uncommon, but increasingly popular, solution: a document-oriented database. Profiles, messages, and dozens of other tightly-coupled relational entities could be decoupled into documents. Business logic could become more flexible and less error-prone. This is the story of moving a large dating website from a LAMP stack to a Node-MongoDB stack: what went right, what went wrong, and everything in-between.

What’s Covered

  • Explore the definition of ambient accountability
  • Examine the shift towards distributed teams
  • Customize this model to make it work for you
  • Generate big ideas that make the world a little better

20 HTML5 Mobile App Development Tips & Tricks

The mobile application development landscape has quickly grown vast. Web optimized, HTML5, Hybrid, or native; which should you chose and why? This talk intended for advanced programming engineers will cover your mobile development decisions as well as show off some tips, tricks, and gotchas of HTML5 development. This is an interactive presentation with follow-along-examples and real world cases studies.

What’s Covered

  • What are my alternatives to native application mobile development?
  • How do I know if I should develop natively or using the mobile web?
  • What existing web development skills can I use for mobile applications?
  • How do I handle data storage on a mobile web app?
  • How do I make my mobile web application function offline?

Hunter Loftis: More Videos

Hunter’s Personal Links

Twitter @hunterloftis

Past Talks

2012 – Joyent Webinar Panelist: “DIY vs. as-a-Service”
2012 – An Evening with MongoDB
2012 – Node.js Hackfest
2012 – Node.js NYC Meetup
2012 – Node Summit
2012 – HTML5 Mobile Tips, Tricks & Gotchas
2012 – NCTA Emerging Technology Trends
2011 – Mobile Apps A-Z
2011 – GeekFest
2011 – BarCamp Charlotte

Invite Hunter to Speak

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