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SDW Events

SDW both addresses crowds around the country and regularly holds technology events at our HQ

Our Free Friday Tech Talks is the largest technology meetup group in the Charlotte region and holds laid-back, bi-weekly discussions on topics ranging from robotics to JavaScript libraries.

Notable guests include various entrepreneurs, a Twitter junky TV weatherman, and a self-taught heli-cam pilot.

Upcoming Tech Talks

Apr 24 12 noon

Space Volcano Thursday Tours


Twice a month at the SDW World Headquarters, the curious and the hungry are cordially invited to an open tour of the office where participants will get a peek at the technology and ideas powering Skookum Digital Works.

From 12pm - 1pm every-other Thursday, the SDW crew will be on hand to discuss innovation, process automation, advanced software, AGILE development, and anything related to the modern digital environment. 

This standing Thursday event is open to all friends and neighbors of SDW, any Charlotte acquaintances and business people, weary travelers, poets, degenerates, or colorful personalities who just want to see what the most progressive and fastest growing company in CLT are up to.

Even if you never buy creative technology ideas, come take some of your own back to the office. Lunch is on us.

Apr 25 12 noon

Friday Tech Talk

Revealed after voting.

May 09 12 noon

Friday Tech Talk: Generative Art w/Douglas Welton

TT regular and SDW favorite Douglas Welton is back to talk about Generative Art.

Generative Art is the intersection of artistic technique and algorithmic discipline. (Think, Processing, for example.)

This talk covers the history generative art and explores how new media artistic are using code to create visual, aural and sensual artifacts for the modern world.

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Past Tech Talks

Friday Tech Talks : Mark Rickert on the Internet of Things and the Killer Sentient Home

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Tech Talks: Software Design Patterns – The Building Blocks of Code

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Other Upcoming Events