So you’re monitoring your REM cycles and daily caloric intake. What else can that shiny new wristband do?

Effective implementation of wearable technology—like smartwatches, Google Glass and biometric bands—can dramatically transform businesses and industry. Sensory and scanning features not found in mobile and desktop devices enable a new way of working. From hands-free capabilities to augmented reality, wearables help companies reduce costs, improve processes and enhance working conditions for employees. We can help you turn this month's accessory into next month's competitive advantage.

A few ways we make wearables work in the workplace.


Keep tabs on patient recovery and limit return visits with wearable monitors. We’ll provide a strategy for navigating regulatory agencies and HIPAA laws.


We can help you capture new revenue by connecting smartwatches to your point-of-sale system. Check inventory from your wrist without having to leave the customer’s side.

Warehousing & Logistics

Save time and paper by sending orders directly to workers’ smartglasses. We’ll design an interface that not only gets your team comfortable with this new type of technology, but excited by it.


We help you protect employees in vulnerable work environments. Through wearable monitors and sensor embedded clothing, we can alert onsite workers of potentially hazardous conditions.