Internet of Things

We've all seen the headlines. The Internet of Things is a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity.

The Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes called Machine to Machine (M2M), is a network of physical objects–like smartphones, cars and appliances–that use the Internet to communicate. Many companies feel the pressure to integrate this new technology but struggle to align it to business vision and strategy. Sure, it would be nice to have the company fridge alert you when you’re low on soda, but that’s hardly a reason to divert next year’s IT budget. We can help make IoT business relevant.

How can IoT transform your operation?


Monitor the performance of remote machinery to predict malfunctions before they happen. We can develop a real-time analytics dashboard to give you complete visibility into equipment health.


Protect warehouse merchandise from variable climate conditions. We give you the ability to control temperature and humidity levels through real-time websocket connections.


By connecting BLE beacons to retailer apps, we can generate visual heat maps to help you understand shopping patterns. Use these insights to enhance product placement.


We can help eliminate human intervention from you workflows. A rules engine, that uses data from sensors and APIs, can request restocking based on inventory levels.