Cloud Enablement

70% of IT leaders say a focus on daily IT operations prevents them from innovating. - Information Week

Enter the cloud. The evolution of cloud computing is ushering in a new era of IT—one in which business and technology teams work together to affect top-line revenue. Because the cloud removes infrastructure management from in-house teams, IT can play a more active role in defining the business future. From mobilizing your sales force to modernizing legacy systems, business enhancement opportunities abound. What could you do if you had more time?

We help enable a strategic shift to the cloud.

Technology Strategy

Whether you’re looking to build your own cloud, or leverage cloud providers like AWS and Azure, we’ll audit your existing infrastructure, software and platforms and recommend a go-forward strategy.

Risk Assessment

We understand that cloud security and data protection are of utmost importance. From public and private clouds to a hybrid approach, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of potential risks and threats.

Custom Builds & Migrations

Our enterprise development staff works closely with your team on implementation. We offer guidance for phase-based releases to minimize disruption to the business and IT and accelerate cloud adoption.