Hunter, Jim, Assaf, and I (Jeremy) represented Skookum at CPCC’s Geek Festival - an event where hundreds (thousands?) of folks get together to talk about technology and innovation.

Our augmented reality display placed a 3D Skookum logo over a piece of paper — pick up the paper for extra wows. Tons of fun reactions.

We were also invited to do some presentations. Though it is called Geek Fest, the audience was generally not quite as geeky as say, the folks who go to BarCamp, evidenced by the number of folks who trickled out of the room when Hunter’s HTML 5 presentation started talking about programming.

Jim had an easier time wowing folks with the wonders of Augmented Reality.

The funnest part was this absurdly knowledgeable 13 year old kid who completely followed along with all the technical stuff and asked insanely awesome questions.

Why sharing is worth it

I always talk about marketing by sharing. That is how I marketed my iPhone app, Grades, to the front page of the app store. It’s how I got interviewed in App Savvy. My experience at Geek Fest is just another case in point on how sharing is worth it.

Adam Brooks (one of the Geek Fest organizers) invited me to present at Geek Fest after we met at BarCamp, another awesome place for networking and sharing. While at Geek Fest, Adam introduced me to a reporter from the Charlotte Observer which resulted in a story about me in the Sunday paper (which mentioned Skookum, too) - cool!

What were we trying to get out of Geek Fest? I wasn’t quite sure but I knew that sharing generally produces good results. Along with the story, we got a lot of buzz on Twitter with folks like CLT Blog saying “Astronomically impressed with the brains @Skookum contains.”

Bottom line: market by sharing. Go out to local events (or, even better, national events) and share your expertise. It helps with street cred and often results in free PR.

Oh yeah, and my geek fest presentation. It told the story of my app, Grades, and how I made a successful app on my first try. My goal was to inspire folks to get curious and go out and build cool stuff. Slides below.

The Grades Story - how I made a successful iPhone app on the first try</embed><div style="padding:5px 0 12px">View more presentations from Jeremy Olson.</div></div>