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The Fastest Way to Fail - 3 of the Most Misleading Terms in Tech Right Now


Before joining Skookum Digital Works in 2011, I spent my days working as a product marketer in startup land. We were on the verge of a new product...

SDW Hardware Hacking Leads to Smartphone Adjustable Suspension Systems by JRI

JRI, a leading supplier of adjustable shocks to the automotive world, needed a leg up on their competition. Vehicles with manually adjustable shocks...

Tech Talks - Software Design Patterns – The Building Blocks of Code

Skookum Digital Work’s Director of Engineering, Eric LaForce, walks us through the biggest missteps software developers make when creating basic code...'s Design User Experience Flaws

From a "look and feel" perspective, the homepage is straight-forward enough. The header and footer and other elements are fine. The stock...

Most Software Sucks. Right Now, is Most Software.

(What follows is a politically dispassionate and technologically candid view of, its creators, its critics, & its supporters.)


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