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SDW + Forrester Research on “The Foundation of Mobile Trust”

Hunter Loftis, SDW Director of Technology, is really smart.

Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, is also really smart.

Put them together — along with other mobile business technology innovators — and you get Randy’s latest research study:

“Mobile Solution Architecture: User Authentication Is The Foundation Of Mobile Trust”

Abbreviated synopsis: “… This report analyzes how key business issues and user scenarios factor into four major mobile authentication design questions, identifies product categories that can play a role in your mobile authentication architecture, and recommends a five-step process for establishing that architecture.”

Who should read this report?  Business leaders who want to ensure that the mobile apps they deliver to customers and employees are trustworthy and secure.  So… pretty much everybody.

Major props to Randy Heffner and his team for their awesome work.

You can download the report in its entirety here (free for Forrester clients).  If you need more help, give us a shout at 704.930.7444 or drop us a line at start@skookum.com.


SDW .NET Series Part 3: Hero

How A Progressive Software Development Studio Uses .NET

.net software development

Our New .NET Open Source Library: Hero

Here at Skookum Digital Works, we love open source software. There are many advantages to utilizing code that is built by a community of people, and we would feel remiss if we did not give back to the community we love so much.

SDW is proud to introduce a new open source product for the .NET community to handle user authorization. It’s called Hero, because who doesn’t want a big strong man…I mean code library…to save them?

Hero’s Purpose

Hero is an ability based authorization library for .NET MVC and WepAPI projects. It was inspired by the Rails project CanCan and by Derick Bailey.  Hero can be installed via NuGet.


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SDW .NET Series Part 2: Code Reuse

How A Progressive Software Development Studio Uses .NET

.net software development

The following is part two of a three part series describing our .NET application development infrastructure at Skookum Digital Works. (Part One is here.)

Application Development Code Reuse

Code reuse is one of the most talked about things in development circles. Unfortunately, a lot of developers like the idea of code reuse and are great at using existing open source libraries, but most don’t actually write code that is reusable. The reasons are wide and varied, but some of the common explanations (excuses) for writing one-off code are:

  • lack of knowledge
  • difficulty in planning out thoughtful programming
  • confidence to create clean, concise code
  • time to get this project done vs. saving time on the next projects

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SDW .NET Series Part 1: Continuous Integration with TeamCity

How A Progressive Software Development Studio Uses .NET

.net software development

.NET kinda/sorta gets a bad wrap in the open source development world. That’s unfortunate because most estimates show two-thirds or more of Fortune 5000 businesses use .NET for some part of their infrastructure.

SDW prides itself on mixing the open source with the enterprise. It’s advantageous for progressive, open source, and experimental software builders to have the knowledge necessary to sew organizational change from the inside out.

To do that, we have to be able to meet a lot of clients where there at. And for large companies, that means we not only need to be HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, and iOS experts but also .NET as well (among other languages).

The following is part one of a three part series describing our .NET application development infrastructure at Skookum Digital Works. We have an amazing team of .NET developers who also know how to slang up-and-coming open source code, so we wanted to specifically share our .NET workflow and the types of projects which benefit or require .NET

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SDW Tech Talks: Data Visualization with Douglas Welton

Video Tech Talks

“You don’t make choices on data. You make choices on information.”

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, Douglas Welton, MAC OS developer (yes, a Unix programmer in the flesh!) and SDW Tech Talk regular, took us through myriad questions related to visualizing data over time.

This presentation explored the design, creation and use of Data Visualization in our current cultural environment. Douglas also discussed why people want to visualize data in the first place and broke down the value that can be derived from different types of visualizations.

In addition, we also learned about some of the programming and statistical tools that are available to anyone interested in creating interactive data viz.

Great talk!

More Douglas Welton




SDW Tech Talks: Startup Failure with OtherScreen CEO Chris Halligan

Video Tech Talks

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, Chris Halligan, founder of the failed “companion TV content” startup OtherScreen, candidly walked us through what OtherScreen got wrong, how “the market fired them,” and the lessons learned from being another technology startup relegated to the dustbin of history.

OtherScreen decided to shut down after several rounds of prototyping, beta testing, and early funding.

Chris was very forthcoming and candid in his assessment of his own startup’s failure.

This talk is funny.

Chris Halligan’s Links



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SDW Tech Talks: GIS Programming & Open Government Data

Video Tech Talks

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, Mecklenburg County (which is more or less made up by Charlotte, North Carolina) GIS Programmer Tobin Bradley talked to us about lots of fun stuff.

Tobin is the creator of the the Strategic Planning and Support division’s open-source mapping tool, The Quality of Life Dashboard, a responsive, interactive map that uses HTML5, jQuery, Leaflet, and Google Charts.

The largest technology meetup group in Charlotte, NC got to hear about life inside a government GIS department, Tobin’s thoughts on open data, and current trends and tools for web mapping and where things are headed in the future.

Mecklenburg County GIS Programmer Tobin Bradley’s Links

Quality of Life Dashboard:

Tobin on Github:

Tobin’s Blog


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