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Outsourcing Innovation Is Not Only OK, It's Preferred

A company can be a lot of things, but mostly it is a group of people who have similar idea about a profitable business offering. On the matter of commerce...

Your Request for Proposal is a Request for Mediocrity

It is impossible to write a good RFP for custom software development.

Instead of looking for people who can check off your carefully spec’d boxes,...

Meet the SDW - Corey Daniels


What do you do here?

I’m a product designer, focusing on user experience and interaction design. I do all kinds of things from product/user research...

SDW Hosts Charlotte Code for America Kickoff Event

For years, we have championed the influx of developers, entrepreneurs and technology startups in the Charlotte area. After discovering Code for America...

SDW Case Study - Mobilizing the Coca-Cola Bottling Salesforce by Making .NET Work with iPads

Burnout. Fatigue. Turnover.

Bad, poorly designed software running on frustrating devices causes real business harm. As enterprise organizations assess...

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