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What Apple’s New iOS 7 Mobile Update Means for Your Business

iOS6 vs iOS7 SDW

iOS 7 is Here

On September 18th, 2013, Apple will release the latest update to their mobile operating software for iPhones & iPads.

Till now, every iOS update has been so subtle that it was practically unnoticeable. 200 changes? Really… where? Most iPhone users would have had to search them out or trust some tech blogger to  list out all the (non)details.

iOS 7 Visual Changes

For Apple, iOS 7 is a blatant new direction of form and function. Once past the lock screen, users will be greeted with sharp new visuals that give more than a passing nod to modern design with flat textures, bright colors, and opaque layers.

iOS 7 Functional Changes

The new iOS looks great, but how does it run? Apple’s put a strong emphasis on intuition, seamless function, and improvements for enterprise clients this time around. Here’s a few big new iOS 7 features:

  • Multi-tasking will let more than one app run at once or update in the background so information is completely current
  • Control Panel will be available at a swipe so users can change settings without going into submenus
  • Data will be easily sharable via Bluetooth or WiFi with other nearby iPhones in a new function called AirDrop

iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Camera SDW

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SDW Tech Talks: Mobile Solar Power Generators

Video Tech Talks

Mack Coyle is an inventor. At the Southeast’s largest technology Meetup group, Mack talked about Distributed Electrical Generation, Water Access (Sanitation and Hygiene), and Ecology.

In addition, he brought two iterations of the Coyle Industrires CM-4 Workmate Portable Solar Generator which has been in use for over five years.

Mr. Coyle’s journey from Radical Activist and Skilled Construction Worker to Inventor and Start Up Company CEO is inspirational, entertaining, and educational.

More Mack Coyle

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SDW Tech Talks: Web Traffic Forecasting w/ SignalR and WebAPI

Video Tech Talks

Web traffic forecasting has long been a black-box art. No longer.

Since even the major players almost always produce wrong traffic predictions, SDW’s Keith LaForce talked to the largest technology Meetup group in the Southeast about his Silas project that uses SignalR & WebAPI to create four models on which to judge incoming visitor behavior.

More Keith LaForce


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SDW Tech Talks: Turn Your Cloud Infrastructure Into Skynet w/ Chef

Video Tech Talks

Maybe you have a few servers running in the cloud. Maybe you have a few thousand servers in the cloud. Forget the bash scripts (or *gulp* the batch files). Find out how to manage the provisioning of your entire infrastructure in a flexible, reusable way, and keep it all under source control.

After a few minutes getting the unfamiliar up to speed, Brandon Dennis showed us how to go from bash scripts to Skynet-style self-aware servers that adapt to infrastructure changes on the fly.

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The Meaning of Customer Experience

As far as your employees and customers are concerned, that new software application you just rolled out falls into one of three categories:

  1. “I love it and can’t wait to use it…”
  2. “I guess I can tolerate it but can’t believe I have to use it…”
  3. “I can’t stand it and won’t ever use it…”

How to engender reaction #1, and avoid #2 and #3, was the core focus of last month’s Forrester Research Customer Experience Forum.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 1.17.58 PM

That’s me circled in red…. I think.

Why Do Companies Routinely Build Software That People Don’t Like To Use?

I joined 1,000+/- seasoned heads of marketing, innovation, technology, and customer experience (CX) in NY to discuss a simple, but shockingly pervasive and revenue-threatening question: “Why do companies routinely build software that: 1) people don’t like to use; and 2) doesn’t actually solve a problem?”

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SDW Tech Talks: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

Video Tech Talks

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, innovation consultant David Phillips shared his thoughts and experiences about overcoming individual and organizational barriers to innovation.

David is the founder of Faster Glass Consulting, an innovation advisory firm that helps organizations unleash the imagination and creativity of their people so that they can find unexpected solutions to their most complex challenges.

Before launching Faster Glass in 2010, David spent six years at Bank of America where he developed and led a number of internal innovation programs. David also enjoys being a photographer, musician, husband, and father, even as he is constantly reminded of his amateur status in all four roles.

More David

- more reading (handout & references)
- Faster Glass Consulting

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Sometimes It IS How You Start…

Are you familiar with the quote, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”?

software salesAs a slow, but long-time runner, I think about this saying a lot during long runs. The first few miles for me are always painful, but I always know that I will be able to kick it up during the late miles and finish strong.

However, as Skookum Digital Works (SDW) engages with more enterprise level companies, I’ve been rethinking this age-old advice.

Starting Software Projects In Order to Be Successful

At SDW, we build custom software to solve unique business problems. We work with a lot of enterprise clients who come to us looking for an innovative and customized software solution. Most of our business come from referrals, however, some clients have also come to us via a RFP.

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Eric LaForce To Drop Open Source .NET Knowledge

This is Eric LaForce:
.net developer
Eric’s a lead developer at SDW, one of our resident .NET gurus, and now he’s off to share his knowledge with the world.

SDW at Monkeyspace in Chicago July 22-25

The folks at Monkeyspace the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference, have invited Eric to Chicago to speak about our open source .NET project called Hero.

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SDW Tech Talks: Challenges & Solutions for Building Software Beyond Borders

Video Tech Talks

Building software to function across international borders takes more work than simply sending the micro-copy to a translator.

What do different cultures need out of their UI and functionality? How do environmental factors play out when building for worlds far different than our own?

MAC OS developer (and SDW Tech Talk regular) Douglas Welton of Einstein’s Legacy will walk us through a survey of the language, cultural, and environmental issues that make building software for international distribution “more fun.”

This presentation provides an overview of the issues involved in creating software that “just works” in a multi-national marketplace. In particular, Douglas focused on the structural, implementation and cultural considerations that have to be integrated into the software development process in order to achieve successful results.


- slides
- Douglas on Twitter
- Einstein’s Legacy Mac OS X Software

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