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Write Less to Communicate More

Few business, creative, or technical professionals write effectively to achieve results. Your writing makes a difference for good or for bad, even if...

New Year, Improved Code

We’ve all heard it before, right? Just before the end of every year, family, friends and colleagues start to chant those four words. For many of them, that phrase fizzles out and fades away in a matter of days. Or weeks, depending on who says it.

Converting a project from AMD to CJS with Recast

Many of our teams have bought into React and the approach it brings to writing UIs and organizing our applications. Early on, a group of our teams made the decision to go with an AMD implementation using require.js, but we’ve since learned the great benefits that come when using common.js and the npm ecosystem instead.


While the Apple Watch isn’t set to be released until Spring 2015, Apple recognizes the importance that apps have when it comes to the success of it...

New Rules for ‘Open’ Products?

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Raleigh to attend the All Things Open conference, and although I could only attend one of the...

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