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SDW Case Study - Metal Marketing Group, Inc.

Check Out This New Video Case Study

Metal Marketing Group, Inc. is responsible for selling metal carports, garages, and barns. The old way of taking...

SDW - Business Technology Experts

Hey Look, A New Video from SDW

Here's a quick primer on the heart of what we do by some of our people who do it. <iframe src="

Becoming Someone Else on Github

Git is really great at distributed development and workflows. When you set up git, it asks you for your name and email address. From then on, all your...

Lowes Brings Iris - Smart Home to SDW

Lowes Home Improvement was tired of hearing about all of this smart-home-of-the-future vaporware, so they went and done just wile'd out and made home...

Mobile Business Technology ROI

We get a lot of calls from marketing/tech innovators and enterprise "intrapreneurs".  Lately they're talking mobile, and they have a lot of the same...

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