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SDW .NET Series Part 1 - Continuous Integration with TeamCity

How A Progressive Software Development Studio Uses .NET

.net software development

.NET kinda/sorta gets a bad wrap in the open source development world. That’s unfortunate...

SDW Tech Talks - Data Visualization with Douglas Welton

Video Tech Talks

“You don’t make choices on data. You make choices on information.”

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, Douglas Welton, MAC OS...

SDW's Best-Fit Clients Have Different Titles but Similar Perspectives

skookum digital works

Here’s a question we often hear:

“Who are your best-fit clients?”

The answer is simple:

“Anyone who has overseen a successful custom software project...

SDW Tech Talks - Startup Failure with OtherScreen CEO Chris Halligan

Video Tech Talks

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk, Chris Halligan, founder of the failed “companion TV content” startup OtherScreen, candidly walked...

The Cost of $()

Don’t be DOM with your DOM

Every developer who knows jQuery has written code like that looks like the following.

[gist id=b15d32c6780ef3170a1b]

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