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SDW Tech Talks - Building Native iOS Apps Using Web Developer-Friendly Tools

Video Tech Talks

Building a native iOS app can be a daunting proposition for anybody: Xcode, Objective-C, Core Data, Xcode, Instruments, provisioning...

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The sun beats down on your neck with the heat of a thousand… well… suns. You’re wearing that one long-sleeve t-shirt you own and those work-gloves you...

SDW Tech Talks - Computer Science for Regular Folks

Video Tech Talks

“Computer Science is philosophy with job prospects.” @hunterloftis at today’s Tech Talk — Skookum DigitalWorks (@Skookum) May 24...

Rails Girls in CLT July 26th-27th at SDW HQ

SDW is proud to announce that Rails Girls will be hosting their next workshop at Skookum Digital Works World Headquarters.

The event aims to give...

SDW Tech Talks - Hackerspace Charlotte's Felt Radio

Video Tech Talks

Teachers today are facing a difficult problem with far-reaching consequences for all levels of education.

One of the world’s most...

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