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Linode PHP 5.3.8 LAMP Stack Script for Fedora 14 64bit

I have noticed the RHEL derivative StackScripts (CentOS/Fedora) are a bit sparse. I recently published a simple Linode StackScript we use internally which should get you up and running with RPMFusion and REMI repositories on Fedora 14 64bit.  As of right now, the script will install the latest stable version of PHP 5.3 (currently 5.3.8).

The StackScript is available at the following location:

Fedora 14 64bit LAMP Stack w/ PHP 5.3.8 and Goodies

If you are unfamiliar with Linode StackScripts, here’s a quick description.

StackScripts™ provide a flexible way to customize our distribution templates. They’re very easy to use — find a StackScript, answer its questions, and click deploy. When the deployment is first booted, the script is executed and does its thing. You can even watch its progress by viewing the console.