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SDW Tech Talks: Computer Science for Regular Folks

Video Tech Talks


If you’ve ever wondered why an apparently simple feature took weeks to build or why engineers never give you a straight answer, this talk is for you.

In this SDW Free Friday Tech Talk our own Hunter Loftis offered up a back-stage pass for people who work with programmers but aren’t programmers themselves. Take a trip into a software developer’s mind and discover that it’s not as crazy, or as complicated, as it seems.

JavaScript Wolfenstein

Instead of covering code and programming, Hunter explained the concepts behind multi-million dollar software with hands-on props, interactive environments, and a peek at the processes needed to create the original—BEST EVAR video game—Wolfenstein.

Try JavaScript Wolfenstein

- demo (1-9 & Q/W to change the demo settings. AD and Arrow keys to move.)
- slides
- source code