HTML5 vs. Native Mobile Apps

If you need a mobile app, call me. Please don’t be mad at me if I tell you that you don’t actually need one. At least, not in the way you think you do.

You may have heard that companies like Amazon and Wal-mart are getting some press with the release of their recent HTML5 mobile apps. Most agree that their decision is in efforts to avoid the App store vigorish.

What’s an HTML5 app? In simple terms (always preferred by this sales-guy-non-developer), it’s a web app that plays in your mobile browser, looks, feels, and acts like a native app, but you don’t have to go through any of the device stores to get it.

HTML5 App Pros:

HTML5 App Cons:

So, there’s a bit about HTML5 apps; it might be the right solution for the mobile application you need to make. Of course, there are other flavors of development and distribution between full native and full HTML5 apps. If you were lucky enough to attend our Mobile App A-Z Workshop last week, you likely saw myriad examples and best use cases for each option.

*On a side note, anyone want to fund this great idea I have for a game called DinoPirates? Battling extinction on the high seas—in pursuit of gold sound like something you may be interested in?