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SDW Hardware Hacking Leads to Smartphone Adjustable Suspension Systems by JRI

JRI, a leading supplier of adjustable shocks to the automotive world, needed a leg up on their competition. Vehicles with manually adjustable shocks have been the norm in racing and performance for a very long time. Already ahead of the curve, JRI had previously implemented an electronically controlled shock that was wired to a control panel in the dash. With the thousands of dollars spent on customizing cars, JRI thought a wireless control would be ideal for their clients. More convenience, less dash destruction.

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Debugging Cross Platform HTML5 Apps in iOS 7

The past week I’ve been spending time working on a client’s HTML5 phone app. The app started crashing for all users that upgraded to iOS 7. In my initial testing, it seemed to be a memory leak. It wasn’t present, however, in iOS 6 or in any of the desktop browsers I tested.

System Dialog Issues

While troubleshooting, I ran across another issue. During an important workflow piece, the app asks the user to confirm using a standard Javascript confirm dialog. The app wasn’t responding to the button press that was supposed to trigger the dialog. After some research, I found that system dialogs triggered with Javascript are broken in iOS 7 when opening the app from the home screen, though I haven’t been able to recreate it from within Safari. Unfortunately, this client uses the app heavily from the home screen and encourages its users to do the same.

To get around this, I first made a global variable that told me whether or not the user is on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7. I will be able to use this variable throughout the app anywhere that needs special handling for iOS 7 users.

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Friday Tech Talks: Post Mobile Computing with Douglas Welton

On Friday Aug 30, Einstein’s Legacy Chief Product Officer, Douglas Welton, stopped by Skookum Digital Works’ Friday Tech Talks to discuss a “post-mobile computing world” where battery life is never an issue, the theatre will tell your phone to be quiet, and every conceivable device is connected to the web.

Douglas breaks down where we are as a mobile computing public, already using multiple devices to access media at the same time. He also shares his ideas on where we are going, and describes a world where every device communicates in a unique language, therefore removing the :unreliable human element.”

This was a pretty fantastic and eye opening talk.

A Few Post-Mobile Items Douglas Covered:

  • Computer eras come and go; ours is not the last, so what is the newest revolution just over the rise?
  • Right now our mobile life revolves around our battery. We rinse and repeat a charge cycle every day. Why do we put up with this?
  • Post mobile computing is seamless, multi-screen computing where tasks are accomplished from start to finish on separate devices that know where you left off
  • What is data exhaust, and is there any use for all the data devices collect (other than for advertisers)?
  • In a world where we are always on, what are the consequences of turning yourself off?
  • Since form and function in technology are always changing, what will the newest form look like?

At the outset, Douglas claimed that he couldn’t predict the future, but most of the crowd agreed his take was an entertaining one.

More Douglas

Einstein’s Legacy (v2.0)


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What Apple’s New iOS 7 Mobile Update Means for Your Business

iOS6 vs iOS7 SDW

iOS 7 is Here

On September 18th, 2013, Apple will release the latest update to their mobile operating software for iPhones & iPads.

Till now, every iOS update has been so subtle that it was practically unnoticeable. 200 changes? Really… where? Most iPhone users would have had to search them out or trust some tech blogger to  list out all the (non)details.

iOS 7 Visual Changes

For Apple, iOS 7 is a blatant new direction of form and function. Once past the lock screen, users will be greeted with sharp new visuals that give more than a passing nod to modern design with flat textures, bright colors, and opaque layers.

iOS 7 Functional Changes

The new iOS looks great, but how does it run? Apple’s put a strong emphasis on intuition, seamless function, and improvements for enterprise clients this time around. Here’s a few big new iOS 7 features:

  • Multi-tasking will let more than one app run at once or update in the background so information is completely current
  • Control Panel will be available at a swipe so users can change settings without going into submenus
  • Data will be easily sharable via Bluetooth or WiFi with other nearby iPhones in a new function called AirDrop

iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Camera SDW

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SDW Tech Talks: Building Native iOS Apps Using Web Developer-Friendly Tools

Video Tech Talks

Building a native iOS app can be a daunting proposition for anybody: Xcode, Objective-C, Core Data, Xcode, Instruments, provisioning, Xcode. Not to mention XCode. But it can be especially tough for those of us who’ve gotten used to some of the niceties and conveniences of web development.

For an awkward few years, web developers and designers tried to avoid properly learning Objective-C using hackish Webview solutions like PhoneGap, Titanium, Corona, et al. But it was soon painfully obvious that any ease-of-use they provided was overshadowed by being slow and buggy.

But now, using great tools like CocoaPods, Pixate and Parse, it’s easier than ever for web and front-end developers — as well as even front-end savvy designers and product people — to create a solid native iOS app using technologies they’re already familiar with like plugins, CSS, HTML and cloud databases.

In this Free Friday Tech Talk, Skookum Digital Works Design Director Adam Howell will show how he stumbled through building a small app called Indistractable using just these tools and more.

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SDW + Forrester Research on “The Foundation of Mobile Trust”

Hunter Loftis, SDW Director of Technology, is really smart.

Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, is also really smart.

Put them together — along with other mobile business technology innovators — and you get Randy’s latest research study:

“Mobile Solution Architecture: User Authentication Is The Foundation Of Mobile Trust”

Abbreviated synopsis: “… This report analyzes how key business issues and user scenarios factor into four major mobile authentication design questions, identifies product categories that can play a role in your mobile authentication architecture, and recommends a five-step process for establishing that architecture.”

Who should read this report?  Business leaders who want to ensure that the mobile apps they deliver to customers and employees are trustworthy and secure.  So… pretty much everybody.

Major props to Randy Heffner and his team for their awesome work.

You can download the report in its entirety here (free for Forrester clients).  If you need more help, give us a shout at 704.930.7444 or drop us a line at start@skookum.com.

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Node.js & You: Learn to Write the Real-time Web

Here’s the SDW Workshop from 2013 SXSW Interactive given by Jim Snodgrass

node.js programmer

Just last week, our software development crews got back from the 2013 SXSWi festival where we had been invited to give two programming workshops.

Below is the audio and slideshare presentation for @snodgrass23‘s workshop on node.js.

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Building with Blocks

Here at the SDW World Headquarters, we are always looking for the best way to do things. Sometimes that’s a new process or product to use, and sometimes it’s fully utilizing the power of the language that we have in front of us.

Objective-C Blocks

Well, while working on a new iOS app, I need to have a dynamic callback executed after a standard animation occurred. Fortunately for me, Apple gave us one of the most powerful features in Objective-C since iOS4.0, blocks

I love blocks, they are still were my favorite toys as a child. But these blocks are a lot more confusing than the ones that I played with. These iOS blocks are more like a puzzle with pieces that change shape. Once you figure out how to use them correctly, they become a powerful tool to use.

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