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Optimize for Naïvety

We always know less than we should. Creating products is a constant movement into a better understanding of our business needs, market demand, and technology...

Working Groups

It’s rather rare that we talk about what goes on inside the walls of Skookum. We have a number of rather exciting things we’re doing these days and it isn’t all about client feature development. One of these things is our Developer Working Groups.

What I Learned at a Startup

I've spent the last three years in a startup environment. There are many preconceptions around “living the startup life,” some true, some fiction. I'll focus in on some of my biggest preconceptions and what morals I learned.

Write Less to Communicate More

Few business, creative, or technical professionals write effectively to achieve results. Your writing makes a difference for good or for bad, even if...

New Year, Improved Code

We've all heard it before, right? Just before the end of every year, family, friends and colleagues start to chant those four words. For many of them, that phrase fizzles out and fades away in a matter of days. Or weeks, depending on who says it.
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