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Úll Conference

This year's [Úll]( was at the Europe Hotel on the shores of Lough Leane in Killarney, Ireland where a crowd of friendly, hungry, and expectant people converged for the next iteration of Úll (it's the Irish word for apple). In the fourth year of the conference, I don't think anyone left disappointed.

Demystifying The Func in C#

Until recently, I thought doing any kind of functional programming in C# was a nightmare. The syntax for using delegates always seemed very clumsy to me. I would start with this grand idea of passing in a delegate to be called when I wanted, but would end up stumbling over the syntax for hours on end. Coming up through the ranks of .NET programming since v1.1, all of those examples of using delegates made things like asynchronous programming seem super hard. If only there was a better way...

Writing code that people can read

Developers are often told their code will be read more than it is written. Our teammates and our future selves will inevitably have to be able to understand, debug, and modify our old code. However, we don't always put forth the effort required to make this an easy process. In truth, it doesn't take a great deal of work. Here are a few simple practices that can make your code look less like a jumbled mess and read more like a story.

Optimize for Naïvety

We always know less than we should. Creating products is a constant movement into a better understanding of our business needs, market demand, and technology...

Working Groups

It’s rather rare that we talk about what goes on inside the walls of Skookum. We have a number of rather exciting things we’re doing these days and it isn’t all about client feature development. One of these things is our Developer Working Groups.
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