Our Story

More than a decade ago, Skookum co-founders James Hartsell and Bryan Delaney (friends and fellow UNC Charlotte alumni) took a leap of faith. They left secure jobs to team up and focus on a mission, which for them held more promise and purpose: to work alongside innovative clients in growing organizations in order to solve their most pressing and complex technology challenges, the tough, roll up your sleeves stuff. Getting started wasn’t easy, but with fierce resolve, an entrepreneurial spirit and a quest for quality, Skookum was born.

Today, those same principles: relentless motivation to succeed, a deep commitment to clients and grit, unite our team of talented business, design and technology professionals around a strong set of values focused on giving clients what they need.

It’s only fitting that the name Skookum by definition means: brave, strong, and marked by excellence in quality. It defines our culture and it is our unrelenting promise to those we work with. We thrive on the challenge to amaze and delight our clients.


Skookum’s leadership team is committed to getting to the heart of understanding the complex needs of your organization or team to help your business win, thrive, grow, and compete. We know that collaboration produces the best results. Meet the team that works together to make it happen:

  • James Hartsell

    Chief Executive Officer

    James Hartsell is the quintessential entrepreneur and technology veteran. He founded Skookum and has grown the company from a small startup into a high-performing software development firm. James serves as Skookum’s Chief Executive Officer. He leads ...

  • Bryan Delaney

    Executive Vice President

    As Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Skookum, Bryan Delaney leads the organization’s revenue, profit and client satisfaction effort. He has forged lasting relationships between Skookum and its clients and partners by exceeding their ever cha...

  • Joe Ryan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Joe Ryan knows what it means to deliver exceptional results. As Chief Operating Officer, he oversees the company's services department, which consists of product strategists, developers, designers, project managers, QA testers, and support teams. He ...

  • Erika Carney

    Chief Marketing Officer

    As Chief Marketing Officer, Erika Carney is responsible for the company's corporate and solutions marketing communications. She oversees the firm’s brand reputation to develop and implement marketing programs that enable the company to maintain lifel...

  • Andrew Gertig

    Chief People Officer

    Andrew Gertig is Skookum’s Chief People Officer and is responsible for the company’s most valuable asset: its people. Talent acquisition, performance excellence, positioning employees for success while fostering a culture that continues to go from be...


Our Values

  • Simplify and Go

    We believe that complex solutions are a sign of mediocrity. Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend, and doing it today instead of tomorrow is the difference between mediocrity and greatness. The way to maximize learning is to experiment early and often – to make decisions and move forward.

  • Embrace Change

    We live in a fast changing world, and what works today will not work tomorrow. Change is a normal part of what we do. We believe in taking calculated risks, analyzing the results, and learning from everything. Whether things work out or not, we make sure we are better for it.

  • Own It

    We believe that it’s never not my job. We all have permission to improve our company. If you love working here in the first 18 months, then you are enjoying what we have created. If you love working here after the first 18 months, then it’s because you are enjoying what you have created for yourself.

  • Choose to be Happy

    Life is too short to be unhappy, so we won’t tolerate negativity. We believe that happy employees do better work and make for a more fulfilling, collaborative environment. We should enjoy what we do, where we do it, and who we do it with. No one owns your future but you.