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Screen independent,
device agnostic,
business Software

Watch how SDW helped EPRI solve their mobile business problems


Your speed to market relies on quick prototyping, agile development, and smart minimum viable products—SDW gets you there faster.


Say goodbye to expensive user licenses, bloated boxy interfaces, and bad maintenance contracts. At SDW we hate that stuff too.


Let your internal teams manage the day-to-day while SDW focuses on your technology wish list: innovation, iteration and “what’s next”.

3 ways can improve your business’s technology



All you need is an idea… and sometimes not even that

If you’ve identified a business problem, or if you just have an inkling that your business could be run better, be more efficient, generate more profits, or make a competitive statement with modern technology, SDW can do the rest. We’ll strategize the best open source and enterprise languages that fit your unique business goals.

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Your borderline unusable software is long in the tooth and it’s more than due for an overhaul

Maybe you feel too tied to the mainframe/client architecture, or you could be using an existing platform that can only live on those beige boxes your IT staff can barely keep running. What if you had full-functioning business software that didn’t care about its location nor the machine running it? What can SDW port, fix, or upgrade for you?

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The legacy ERP and the consumer-powered web need to meet

You’ve got an IT team that has been handling your mission critical data for decades…but you desire that data on devices that all your employees and customers crave? SDW are experts in integrating old and new systems. We’ll free your data, software, and interfaces from the confines of their rigid architecture while still maintaining safety and security.

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Unsurpassed knowledge

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Come to an event

  • Next Friday Tech Talk
    Space Volcano Thursday Tours
    Thursday, July 31st 12:00 PM


    Twice a month at the SDW World Headquarters, the curious and the hungry are cordially invited to an open tour of the office where participants will get a peek at the technology and ideas powering Skookum Digital Works.

    From 12pm - 1pm every-other Thursday, the SDW crew will be on hand to discuss innovation, process automation, advanced software, AGILE development, and anything related to the modern digital environment. 

    This standing Thursday event is open to all friends and neighbors of SDW, any Charlotte acquaintances and business people, weary travelers, poets, degenerates, or colorful personalities who just want to see what the most progressive and fastest growing company in CLT are up to.

    Even if you never buy creative technology ideas, come take some of your own back to the office. Lunch is on us.

  • Friday Tech Talk: Executing Product as a Strategic Partner
    Friday, August 1st 12:00 PM
  • Space Volcano Thursday Tours
    Thursday, August 14th 12:00 PM